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We all know that Instagram is where it's at nowadays.


But just like how running a wedding business is different from other types of businesses, using Instagram as a wedding professional is DIFFERENT.


Guess what? Who you're trying to reach on Instagram (engaged couples) is using it differently too. 


The way you use Instagram as a wedding professional

CAN and SHOULD be different.

Running a wedding business is not Insta-worthy all the time... but yet,


And you're there- possibly even rocking it! But you find yourself wondering what exactly you're supposed to do. And questioning what tactics and strategies will actually work for you. And maybe these thoughts and questions tend to run through your head...


"Am I actually posting the right things? Are couples even looking for wedding vendors on Instagram?

What do they even want to see? Why did that post get lots of likes? Why did this post get no likes?

 Captions- oh goodness the captions! And OMG did I even post yet today?!" 


What you really want is to... 




It's time to uncover the secrets behind what works (and what doesn't) for wedding pros when it comes to using Instagram.

So you can stop...

Wasting time trying to figure out what to post on Instagram... so much so that you just don't end up posting at all.

Wondering if what you're doing is even being seen or noticed by couples who may potentially hire you.

Hearing about others booking from Instagram, and finally book your own clients from Instagram!

Get FOREVER access to all presentations, transcripts of presentations, Bonus interviews, Bonus products and discounts!

Meet the Teachers 

Here are the amazing speakers- or as we lovingly call them, teachers- you will hear from inside the Instagram For Wedding Pros Virtual Summit...

Strategy & Content

How Engaged Couples Are Using Instagram

Establishing An Instagram Strategy

How to Increase Your IG Ads Conversions Drastically

Tracking And Measuring Your Instagram Success

5 Tips On How To Win With Instagram

Connecting Without Selling Using Instagram Stories

Instagram for Non-Photographers: Creating Content On Your Own

Interaction & Action

Booking Your Ideal Client From Instagram

The Power Of LOCAL On Instagram

Working With Wedding Influencers To Promote Your Business

How To Find The Perfect Clients On Instagram

Engage With Purpose By Using Collections

Showing Your Inclusivity Via Instagram

Instagram Engagement

All Access Pass Bonuses

With the All Access Pass you will get access to several Bonuses, including Bonus Interviews with wedding professionals successfully booking from Instagram, as well as recently married couples who used Instagram in their wedding planning!

It's time to learn what works for WEDDING PROS!

Bonus Interviews Include...

Wedding Pro Interview: Devin Robinson, Anchor & Veil Photography


Learn all about Devin's unique and effective approach to connecting with engaged couples on Instagram. His strategy has resulted in in over 100 inquiries in less than a year from Instagram alone! 

Wedding Pro Interview: Samantha Vanderson, Samantha James Photography


Find out what Samantha has done for 90% of her bookings to come from Instagram! 

Wedding Pro Interview: Becky Baker, Becky's Brides


The majority of Becky's couples have come from Instagram in the last few years- find out what her strategy is!  

2 Recently Married Bride Interviews


Hear directly from brides who used Instagram for all aspects of their wedding planning- from finding a venue, to finding inspiration. Find out their process, what they had trouble finding, and what they did on Instagram for their wedding planning.

Other Bonuses Include...

How to Create Instagram (and Facebook) Ads, Max Sadik | Marketing By Max​


Step by Step (With Screen Flows) Video Tutorials on How to Create Instagram (and Facebook) ads

This is a comprehensive library with over 30 hours of video tutorials organized by categories into short videos that guide you step by step on how to create the most powerful ads in today's economy. In these videos I walk you step by step through the process and explain not only how to do it and which buttons to click in the ads manager but also explain why.


Regular price: $950  / ALL ACCESS PASSHOLDER PRICE: $0



The Social Posting Cure, Christie Osborne, Mountainside Media


The content tracking worksheet and mini-course to help wedding and event pros to stop wasting time on ineffective content and start generating more engagement with their social media posts.


Typical Price: $97 / ALL ACCESS PASSHOLDER PRICE: $0


Instagram Poll Data Report, Lauren Grove, ELD For Pros


Receive the Instagram-specific results from Lauren's Instagram Polls that she conducts with her audience of engaged brides and grooms. Find out specifics regarding how couples are using Instagram for their wedding planning.


Regular price: $59 / ALL ACCESS PASSHOLDER PRICE: $0

Confetti Club Membership, Serena Waller, Pops of Pretty


25% OFF three months of Confetti Club Membership!

-Monthly social media training and tips from a wedding industry veteran of 15 years
-Weekly office hours via Private Facebook Group + Voxer) with social media expert, Serena Waller of Delegate & Elevate - a social media strategist + manager that works exclusively with wedding pros over the last four years.
-Expert advice from seasoned pros on the topics of branding, work-flow, systems, SEO, and more for your growing and/or blossoming business
-Exclusive stock-photo galleries to use in your online & offline marketing

Extra Bonus: FREE 30 Minute Strategy Call


Regular price: $79 / ALL ACCESS PASSHOLDER PRICE: $59

InstaLocal Prompt Planner 

Christine Tremoulet, InstaLocal


365 days of prompts so you never feel stuck again when planning out your content! Passholders save 40% off!


Regular price: $35 / ALL ACCESS PASSHOLDER PRICE: $22

Bonus Trainings...


Yes, there are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?


First, this summit was created specifically for wedding pros. We think it's pretty safe to say that running a wedding business is... unique. Which is why this isn't general advice for just any business out there. Every single presentation is specialized for how to use Instagram as a wedding pro, and every teacher has experience in the wedding industry, making it a whole lot more impactful.


More importantly, we KNOW that it's busy season. Which is why all of the presentations will be fast, actionable, and 30 minutes or LESS. And also, in the interest of time, all of the presentations for each day will be available at the exact same time. So, you don't have to sit in front of your computer all day long waiting for the next presentation- you can binge watch to your heart's content (that is, for the 24 hours the presentations are available).


And guess what is coming? Yep, you guessed it...




Which is why we want you to have this information NOW- so you can implement and strategize with everything you learn and use Instagram to the best of your ability in the coming months. 

Meet your host, Lauren Grove

Hi! I'm Lauren Grove, the founder of the worldwide publication, Every Last Detail, our associated vendor marketing service, The V List, and the host of Instagram For Wedding Pros Virtual Summit! 


I started out in weddings as a wedding planner and designer, and along the way I discovered a passion for educating engaged couples. I realized that I could help way more people through a publication like Every Last Detail, and so I gave up my dream job in the Tampa Bay wedding industry to pursue ELD full time. As time passed, I also realized my passion for educating and helping wedding pros.


ELD has become what I consider a "bridge" between engaged couples and wedding professionals, and I spend my days working to connect the two. Whether it's through marketing the vendors whom I'm vetted and verified for The V List, or gleaning insight from my audience of engaged couples, my mission in all I do is to HELP. 


In my 10 years in the wedding industry, A LOT has changed. One of the biggest factors that has influenced so many facets of those changes in weddings has been social media- and more specifically, Instagram.


In my time utilizing Instagram as a marketer, I've realized that the way that couples use Instagram to plan their wedding is a bit different than how they use it for other things. Couple that with the fact that the buying process of an engaged couple is also quite unique, and we have quite an interesting world that many wedding pros are trying to figure out. 


However, what I've also realized is that the typical strategies of influencers, product sellers, or B2B entrepreneurs don't quite work for the wedding industry. 


And so, the Instagram For Wedding Pros Virtual Summit was born! This Summit will be bringing together experts in Instagram and experienced wedding pros so we can learn- once and for all- what truly works for our unique industry. 


I hope you will join us! 

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